Real-time AI-based reading excellence in clinical trials from start to finish

RetInSight CAIRE provides AI-based image analysis to improve performance and quality in clinical trials, using validated biomarker algorithms in diseases such as nAMD, DME & RVO, and GA.
Our reading excellence and real-time solutions support pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers and manual reading centers to elevate clinical trial efficiency and outcome to the next level.

Which advantages does RetInSight CAIRE bring?

– Maximises the value of clinical trial data by fully automated, quantitative and reproducible read-out
– Shortens recruitment time and reduces visits
– Accelerates image data analysis through real-time feedback
– Optimises clinical trial workflows, saving costs and effort

Secure, compliant, fully integrated

Secure cloud-based infrastructure on AWS Europe

GCP, GDPR and HIPAA compliant systems, ISO 27001 in the pipeline

Fully integrated in existing PAC systems (Picture Archiving and Communication)

Global networking with manual reading centers

Improve clinical trial efficiency with AI reading excellence

RetInSight CAIRE offers real-time solutions for reporting to clinical study sites, sponsors and CROs.

Digital AI Reading Center

As a central reading center, RetInSight CAIRE develops the software infrastructure that elevates all-round clinical trial services to the next level, thereby enhancing the efficiency and the outcome of clinical trials. We target innovative solutions with our partners for ground-breaking insights into retinal diseases.