We have developed a comprehensive library of validated AI-algorithms for retinal biomarkers in systemic and retinal diseases, trained on extensive and continuously growing databases. Bringing together the most advanced technologies in computer science and state-of-the-art clinical expertise as well as medical science, we are set on shaping the future of digital precision medicine.

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Clinical Trial Support for pharmaceutical companies and academic investigators/networks

RetInSight offers AI-assisted analysis tools for OCT images and other multi-modal examination methods from prospective and retrospective, clinical and scientific studies.

For our research and industry partners, the RetInSight team develops all-around solutions for clinical trial support in ophthalmology with the most advanced IT and AI technologies allowing for minimal turn-around time / real-time. Based on a cloud infrastructure, we offer a scalable platform for data management, management, data warehouse, grading and reporting, conforming to GDPR and IT regulatory norms. Our AI-based algorithms are fully operable with a wide spectrum of medical devices and adjusted to the most advanced therapeutic breakthroughs for retinal pathologies. RetInSight solutions are being deployed via channels that have established workflow paradigms (device agnostic ophthalmic PACs).

We are supporting several multi-center clinical studies in partnership with global pharmaceutical companies for the development of novel therapies in AMD, DME, RVO.

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Therapeutic monitoring services for Ophthalmologists

Our AI solutions support the leading OCT devices and can be integrated into diverse ophthalmic software systems, such as PACS and EMR, reducing operational effort and cost, saving time for patient care. As a game changer in retinal disease management, RetInSight develops fully automated cloud-based algorithms to reliably identify, localize and quantify all types of pathologies and relevant biomarkers, e.g. fluid in routine OCT examinations.

Diagnostic screening services for Opticians and Optometrists

In a patient-centric manner, opticians and optometrists may cooperate and benefit from real-time OCT image analysis in a user-friendly and plausible format. Eye care professionals are empowered by an objective, quantifiable and reproducible evaluation of each individual patient‘s condition.